What Is EOD? And Why We Support The EOD Warrior Foundation.

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EOD or Explosive Ordnance Disposal is a small, relatively unknown community found within the US military, foreign militaries, and local and federal police departments. Better known to the public as a “bomb squad,” these teams of skilled individuals are tasked with a multitude of explosive hazards from disabling old WWII ordnance to nuclear weapon incident response.

EOD Techs fastroping from helicopter
U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Kelsey L. Adams/Released


More notably has been their counter IED role in the OIF/OEF theaters to currently include Operation Inherent Resolve. The movie “The Hurt Locker” is derived from EOD’s actions in Iraq and Afghanistan, however quite fictional and not on par with actual EOD techniques, it still gave a glimpse into what dangers EOD techs face and the evolving threats on the battlefield.

Even with today’s modern technology such as robots, drones etc., EOD is still a dangerous job. This last year the US Navy lost two EOD techs in Iraq and Syria to improvised explosive devices. Not to forget the countless other sons, daughters, brothers and sisters killed or injured by IEDs since 2001.

EOD Robot (Talon)
Photo by Cpl Phil Ryan RAF


The EOD Warrior Foundation was created to help past and present EOD techs and their families through these tough recovery periods. Whether financially, physically or emotionally offering support, this foundation has made a major difference and given hope to those who have had very little.  That is why here at IRONSMITH® we wanted to do more than just create an athletic lifestyle brand but also give back and strengthen the community, continuing to serve our brothers and sister in the fight.

Feel free to donate to the EOD Warrior Foundation directly at www.eodwarriorfoundation.org, and as always a portion of all IRONSMITH® proceeds are donated every year to the cause. We thank you for your support, and for joining the IRONSMITH® community.

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